Yves Rocher's glowing summer beauty

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It´s early summer and extra fun to finally use your imagination when it comes to makeup. Colors are allowed! I've tested five Yves Rocher products: Two sensual lipsticks, two kinds of nail polish with shiny effect and a fresh perfume:

Your lips get a lift with these soft lipsticks with intense and deep color shades. They give moisture and a sculpting effect - a perfect frame for your lips. High durability and maximum color intensity are the most important features. One of the secret ingredients is the nourishing camellia oil, originally from Asia. It's what makes your lips smooth, even and lovely. Available in 18 different colors.

Grand Rouge lipstick in color Corail Incandescent - my favourite

Grand Rouge lipstick in color Corail Etincelant

One stroke is more than enough - your nails will get a smooth, intense and glowing finish with mirror effect. It's strong and long lasting, with an even result and deep color effect. It's surprisingly easy and fast to apply. Even after two days, with bathing in saltwater and travelling from abroad with a lot of luggage, almost all the nails are intact! The ingredient elemi resin reflects the light and gives an intensive, shimmering effect.

Yves Rocher nail polish in colors Rose Somptueux (left) and Rouille

This fresh and sensual scent is made of drops from petals at the pomerans tree, also known as bitter orange. Together with the fruits of this tree, the perfume has a pure and sophisticated scent with freshness as the main feature, flowers as the heart and an underlying soft base of musk.

Text and photos: Hanne Erøy