Green & graceful vintage dress

The joy of a really good vintage hunt, is when you hit jackpot. In this case, I spent about an hour searching between every dress, skirt, jacket, top and other clothes at Velouria Vintage at Grünerløkka in Oslo. That store is like a treasure chest, and it's so full of all you can think of - so it's smart to be patient and look through each garment. I found this green dream of a 50s dress pressed in between other green creations, and my heart jumped inside the flittig room when I realized that it was exactly my size. A perfect fit. An original 50s dress bought in New York. I wonder who the previous owner was and what kind of life she lived. Anyway, I feel honored to bring this dress back life, adding new stories to it's tale.

I wore the Velouria Vintage silk dress at my birthday dinner at the restaurant Lille Asia at Majorstuen in Oslo. The green brocade is decorated with blue flowers. I love the color combination green and pink, so I wore the vintage dress with a clutch from Accessorize and pumps from New Look. I wore sparkling earrings from Glitter as well. The zig zag neckline of the dress is so unique. The shoulders are held up with elastic straps hidden inside. So smart and functional!

Text: Hanne Erøy. Photos: Jeanette Jensen.