Actress Agnes ambassador for David-Andersen

Jeweler David-Andersen invited to an exclusive shopping night in collaboration with Costume magazine on Thursday 30th of May. Actress Agnes Kittelsen, who played one of the leading roles in Oscar nominated movie 'Kon-Tiki', is David-Andersen's ambassador and muse. She mingled with Costume readers and all the jewelers attending with their own stands. Designers and agents from jewelry brands Camilla Prytz, Efva Attling, Thomas Sabo, Alvilde David-Andersen, Susanne Friis Bjørner, Bjørg Jewellery, Nina K, Sophie by Sophie, Nanis and Techno Marine (watches) were present. 

Agnes Kittelsen doesn't wear much jewelry, but that night - she felt attracted to an A. D-A ring with three studs (right in photo below) in rosé gold. She bought them together with a matching pair of single-stud earrings in the same color and materials.

- I don't use much jewelry in everyday life. I have some personal jewels - a necklace I bought for my first salary, a jewel I inherited - that means a lot for me. When I'm to attend larger events, I actually come to David Andersen, where I think it's possible to find large but tasteful things, the elegant actress says.

Kittelsen thinks David-Andersen is clever when it comes to branding and business. They're innovative, choose their brands with great consideration and are skilled craftsmen with long traditions as an old, Norwegian jeweler, she continues.

- Norwegian jewelers have become more known internationally. What do you think about that?

- They have much gong on, Camilla Prytz and Bjørg for instance. Norway is moving forward on all fronts. Here we come! she finishes eagerly.

Text and photos: Hanne Erøy.

A. D-A rings

Efva Attling

Goldsmith Alvilde David-Andersen (right) with a table filled with her exciting sharp cuts and conventional ideas. Her brand is named A. D-A.

Efva Attling


Susanne Friis Bjørner


Fashion magazine Costume's selected favourites

Camilla Prytz

Designer Camilla Prytz

Prytz tattoo jewels - an idea from the famous blogger and fashionista Hanneli Mustaparta

The eye symbolize protection

Nina K

Cupcake table 

Sophie by Sophie

For costumers to bring home and find inspiration

Thomas Sabo

Makeup stand

Stylist Tatiana & Jennifer Moi, who is a DJ, makeup artist and stylist

Jennifer, who also works as a stylist for Lene Nystrøm, in a unique vest from Danish designer Susanne Rorhman