Moods of Norway AW 2013 press view

Peder Børresen (left) and Simen Staalnacke from Moods of Norway

Moods of Norway and Polhem PR invited to a press breakfast at the hotel The Thief at Tjuvholmen in Oslo on Wednesday 17th of April. Moods of Norway's AW 2013 collection is named Fiddlers & Waltzers - with 'celebration' as the main theme.

- The clothes represents the people above and below deck at Titanic, my favourite movie, designer Simen Staalnacke said.
More expensive materials and needlework has been important in the male Fiddlers & Waltzers collection. Tweed, rough chinos, hand washed Italian denim (done by one man only!), 100 % merino, colored sneakers, detailed linings, tailored suits and leather jackets are essential features in the male collection. Also, funny and personal messages are stitched on the inside of the blazers, like "Made with love by really really pretty blonde girls". Each suit is also named after persons living in Stryn in Norway - where the brand was started.
For women, sharp colors like burnt orange, purple and wine tones creates exciting color combinations. The signature feature is a pattern with cocktail glasses. Shimmer and sequins for party, and denim and knit for every day is vital. To get a rougher look, you can wear a suede bomber jacket, parka, washed jeans, sweaters with metallic yarn and knits with surface coatings. Wool, angora and alpaca are important materials. The party section consists of blazers with sharp cuts and smoking shapes.  

The Cocktail Sports collection includes higly technical garments. The pieces are waterproof and breathable. A water repellent parka has 360 degrees visibility with reflectors around the whole jacket, and is therefore certified after European standards. The styling is urban with strong, fresh and happy colors. Light wool pieces, underwear, ski googles and complete ski outfits, make you look super fresh and cool at afterski!  
Text and photos: Hanne Erøy.
Campaign and product photos: Moods of Norway / Polhem PR.

Fiddlers & Waltzers women AW 2013:

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