Luxurious fashion event by VIP Magasinet

Exclusive rings designed by Heyerdahl.

VIP Magasinet invited to a luxurious fashion lunch at Mona Lisa Huset in Oslo, Tuesday 16th of April. Juweler Heyerdahl presented necklaces, rings and earrings from the Danish brand Julie Sandlau, Italian brand Al Coro and one-of-a-kind pieces from Heyerdahl. The extravagant diamond floral bracelet is worth approx. 33 000 dollars (188 000 NOK) - and is uniquely designed by Heyerdahl.
- If people in Norway buy jewels in genuine materials, it's eco-friendly and last longer. 60 percent of what is sold from jewelers is made from recycled materials. Sustainability and natural materials is key. People are more concerned with ethics and morality than before, says CEO Thomas Heyerdahl.

This spring and summer, he tells that large earrings and many bracelets at one arm are trendy. Characteristic green emerald is also popular, together with dark blue gemstones. Diamonds are always trendy and sought-after. The interest for individual jewels is also keen, and Heyerdahl offers individual orders for self-designed items. They recently hosted a wedding ring workshop, where two couples made their own rings from scratch. Very romantic for them, and exciting for Heyerdahl to involve the costumers in the design process.

- It's a trend in Europe with red gold, also called rosé gold, with a more red and pink shine, instead of yellow, Thomas Heyerdahl adds. He also wants to see Norwegians embrace this trend.

The jewels are a perfect match with Kathrine Nørgård's sophisticated dresses and tailored suits. Nørgård makes clothes on request, designed with a personal touch. She also makes two prêt-à-porter collections annually. She revealed that she the coming fall will launch a collection in collaboration with another brand - which is still a secret.

The jewels and clothes were presented with delicious tapas from Mona Lisa Huset. Fashion Editor in VIP Magasinet, Navraj Kaur, organized a stylish and elegant fashion lunch. 

Text and photos: Hanne Erøy.

Models wearing Kathrine Nørgård dresses and suit. Jewels from Heyerdahl, Al Coro and Julie Sandlau.

Earrings and necklace from the Italian brand Al Coro.

This bracelet is especially designed by Heyerdahl, costing approx. 33 000 dollars (188 00 NOK). It has between 600 to 700 diamonds.

Julie Sandlau earrings and necklace. Earrings with colored zirconias. Both jewels are with 22 carat gilded silver.

Julie Sandlau rings with 22 carat gilded silver.

Tapas from Mona Lisa Huset.

Thomas Heyerdahl (left), jeweler and CEO of Heyerdahl.

Julie Sandlau jewels:

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