Mon cher Chanel

When you have your first Chanel handbag, you feel like a true parisienne. So Coco, so chic. The first time, I found two black Chanels in the vintage store Judits Second Hand in Stockholm. However, third time´s a charm - and my heart melted by the sigth of this deep red Chanel handbag in the amazing vintage store...:

... Boutique Finest at Östermalm in the Swedish capital. So elegant, unique and illuminating:

Warm like a lover´s kiss on your lips,
glowing where it swings beside your skirt on your hips.
A Chanel is like a "Diana" - classy and cherished, 
living on like a legend - long after we´ve perished.
Feeling it´s leather and chains,
taking you through your life with all your givings and gains.
Being like a true friend - always close to your heart,
it is simply love and comfort from the start.
Text, poem and photo: Hanne Erøy.