Fretex bonanza with trendy trio

Jenny Skavlan (left), Vanessa Rudjord (middle) and Pia Tjelta.

Secondhand is getting increasingly popular in Norway, and these ladies attracted a giant line with girls on Friday 19th of April. The Norwegian salvation army opened a new Fretex store at Grünerløkka in Oslo - at Olaf Ryes plass 3. Actor Pia Tjelta, chief editor of Costume Vanessa Rudjord and TV presenter/designer Jenny Skavlan had chosen treasures from their own lofts and wardrobes, presented in the brand new store for people to buy.

Among the secondhand and vintage clothes, girls spotted and bought designer items from Filippa K, See by Chloé, Lanvin, By Malene Birger, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Dior and so many other brands.

- We all had many bags of guilty conscience at our lofts. It felt like a clothes detox - it was lovely to get rid of it. I'm excited to see who takes over my clothes. I hope this shows young girls, who is under large shopping pressure, that everything doesn't have to be new - and that it's cool to use secondhand, said Jenny Skavlan eagerly.

- We encourage young girls to use their creativity when dressing up, and dear to be yourself - and not necessarily like everyone else, Pia Tjelta adds.

The trendy trio - known for their style and talent, were overwhelmed by the immense turnout of people. I asked Vanessa Rudjord what one should look for in vintage stores and flea markets this season:

- 60s dresses! They're often ankle-length, but you can cut them shorter - and they become more practical.

After over one hour, the new Fretex store had buyers paying over 17 000 NOK. Fretex will help many people with these money! Thumbs up for these three ladies and the Fretex team that makes secondhand and designer clothes affordable and available.

Text and photos: Hanne Erøy.

This leather jacket has belonged to Jenny Skavlan, and now it's mine!

Pia Tjelta with a stunning dress from the Norwegian designer Leila Hafzi - previously hers and now for sale at Fretex.