Flea market season

September and October are two of the best months to make bargains at flea markets in Oslo and other cities in Norway. Don´t be afraid to flip the cardboard boxes upside down and dig for treasures. My most important advice is to be there ten minutes before the market opens. First come, first served - remember that. If it looks and feels fake - it probably is.

On Saturday 8th of September, the fashionable ladies Janka Johansson Polliani, Camilla Abry, Tina Berggård and Hedda Skoug will sell things from their gorgeous wardrobes at the flea market Vestkanttorvet from 9am to 4pm. See more info here: We sell our treasures

Check out this webpage with a list of all markets this season:

Last weekend I went to Ila School in Oslo - one of the best flea markets in the fall. Last year, I found a Versace belt there, which I just paid 0,53 GBP for! Now, I found boots from DKNY, a belt from MaxMara and a beauty bag from Dior. Score!

Photos: Hanne Erøy.