Conscious glamour from H&M

Asymmetrical cuts and flowing evening gowns in sustainable materials set the standard for this spring´s Hollywood glamour. H&M´s SS13 «Conscious Exclusive» collection for men and women, will be launched online and in 140 selected stores around the world on April 4th.

H&M is not just a commercial mainstream brand any longer. The brand has gone through an extreme transformation the past decade. H&M makes clothes that are trendy and inspired by outfits from the catwalk. They also work hard to make more of their clothes in sustainable materials. In this collection, they have used organic cotton, Tencel and recycled polyamide and polyester.

This SS13 collection brings original twists of construction, with a white asymmetrical «trouser dress» as an example. The cuts highlight the female curves, and the color tones makes every woman looking fit for a red carpet. This is a «dress to impress» collection. Luckily, we can shop it with a good conscience - both for the environment and wallet.

Text: Hanne Erøy. Photos: H&M.