The scent of a bag

A snippet from my OFW article:

"MOO designer Karianne Sæther wants handbags to smell of freshly cut grass and leather. On Wednesday 5th of September, she launched the scent - wrapped in a small keychain.
The Norwegian designer is self-learned and has had her brand for almost seven years. Her handbags have a characteristic business and everyday look, but with stunning calfskin quality and signature shapes. She also makes belts and clutches.

Sensing a brand
Making this scent is part of expanding her brand. In this way, people can sniff out the MOO brand. Exploring the senses of fashion is a fresh idea.

- My first memory is scent. I thought I could link a scent with the brand to give people a complete experience. The scent of newly cut grass gives a fresh feeling of the world of cows, she says.
When she sketches handbags, she imagines cows with unique personalities - like “Carmen” and “Pablo” at the photo above. However, they do have one thing in common: Grass is their favourite meal.

You can put the keyring inside your purse. The small accessory will give a fresh scent for one year."

Read more in my article for Oslo Fashion Week.

Text: Hanne Erøy. Photos: This Is PR, MOO and Hanne Erøy.