The Missoni milestone

Missoni for Lindex is a new adventure for the clothing chain and their costumers. Never has a designer brand been more true to their heritage and characteristics in a collaboration with an affordable retailer. On Thursday 6th of September, the press and bloggers got a closer look at the collection at This Is PR in Oslo, that will be for sale from the 25th this month. The quality is very high - and the Missoni signature is vivid.
Kathrine Sørland works as a fashion advisor for Lindex, and she´s ecstatic about the results of the designer collaboration. Her favourites are one of the purple dresses, the coat, the sigarette pants, the purple skirt and a knitted cardigan.

Retro elements
- When Lea (Rytz Goldmam, director for design and purchase at Lindex) met Angela Missoni, the designer wore a plastic bracelet. She told it was old - actually from their very first collection in 1972. Suddenly, it became a part of the Missoni for Lindex collection, Kathrine tells eagerly.

She´s a big fan of Missoni. She even sat at the same table as the legendary founder Ottavio Missoni in Milan at 17 - when she was a model. She didn´t know it was him before the dinner was over - but her starstruckness started then.

Fight against cancer
Ten percent of the income will go to the pink ribbon campaign and research on cancer.

- It´s important for me personally, since my family is hard struck by cancer, and most of them are unfortunately not there any more. I think it´s great to have a focus on such an important matter, but at the same time having this great design, she finishes.

Text and photos: Hanne Erøy.