Newcomer of the season: Tonje Jakobsen

Tonje Jakobsen graduated this summer with an art and design bachelor study from HiOA (see the graduate collection here). This fall - in 2013, she’s the season’s newcomer at Oslo Fashion Week. Here´s her SS 2013 collection.

Worked with Vivienne Westwood
She comes from a tailoring family, and worked as a designer assistant in Copenhagen in two years, where she also went to school learing tailoring professionally. She did her internship with the renowned designer Vivienne Westwood.

Her SS 2013 collection is named “Travel Light”. It consists of quality pieces with focus on details and soft lines.

Bohem meets sheikh
She designs relaxed clothes that let air come between the skin and fabrics. The head pieces rescembles the ones worn by the sheikhs in the deserts of the Middle East. The woman who wears these clothes symbolize that she´s tought, comfortable and seeking adventures.

Light bohemian traveller is a key description. The expression is clean and pure. Tonje Jakobsen stands out with strong silhouettes. She´s definitely a Norwegian designer to watch out for.

Text and photos: Hanne Erøy. Source: