Fam Irvoll SS 2013

Norway´s super-creative designer, Fam Irvoll, display a fashion humor that´s beyond imagination. She always makes people in a good spirit, both when they wear them and look at them. On Tuesday 14th of August, she had a mini-show displaying her SS 2013 collection at Alreds Hage in Oslo.

Craziness at any age
The website Side2 Catwalk asked her to describe the collection, and she answered:
- Botox-free cool old people who rocks.
Yes. Point exactly. With her design you can look cool, no matter the age.

Color splash meets cartoons
Fam´s signature is the playful color combinations, special cartoon prints and spicy appliqués. In this colllection, she focused on animals and old people. Other characteristics were dip-tye, lace and distinctive collars. It´s fun and unique!

Fam Irvoll (right photo furthest down) is showing her SS 2013 collection at London Fashion Week in September.

Text: Hanne Erøy. Photos: Tor Gunnar Berland.