Kolstad´s pantomime adventure

The musician Aksel Kolstad invited to a vernissage and music event on Wednesday 5th Of December at his place Cafe de Concert at Tjuvholmen in Oslo. Photographer Natalia Pipkina (top photo) displayed an adventure of photos with Aksel and the famous ballet dancer Maiko Nishino from the Norwegian Opera & ballet, dressed and made up like “Harlequin and Columbine”. He received a pair of her ballet shoes with her autograph - and he was starstruck!

- She’s a Michael Jordan and a world star! I have get-togethers once a month, and is is a way to show the business industry that they can invest and have product launches here - all displayed under a classical music umbrella. People can get an artistic experience with a sausage in the hand, the classical piano player and comedian says.

- It was very comfortable to work with Aksel. He’s so generous an inspiring. Being Harlequin and Columbine was like entering a music box, the prima ballerina says.

Photographer Pipkina is self-taught. Kolstad says she is a perfectionist - much like himself!

- He has great charisma and is so good at gathering people and show things in a different way. Maiko is also an icredibly nice person, the photographer finishes.

Among the sponsors were ICA, BMW and Metier.

Text and photos: Hanne Erøy

Maiko Nishino and Aksel Kolstad