Støtvig Hotel: Sun, sea, spa and summer

Det finnes ingen måte å beskrive hvor magisk det var å dra rett til Støtvig Hotel i Larkollen etter intense uker med lesing og tre medisineksamener på to dager. Siste dagen jeg hadde eksamen, var også 14-årsdagen til mannen min og meg! Derfor passet det perfekt med overnatting til Kr. Himmelfartsdag på hotellet som ligger perfekt til rett ved Oslofjorden i Østfold kommune. Jeg tok med meg mange nye beauty-produkter som jeg fikk i en goodiebag fra PR-byrået Mildh Press - noe som passet perfekt etter flere timer på det fantastiske to-etasjers spaanlegget på hotellet.

På tomta har det vært badehotell siden 1900, og det gamle hotellet ble revet i 2011. Høsten 2013 stod den nye vakre bygningen foran stranda og speidet utover havet. Det morsomme er jo at Frederick og jeg var på russeball sammen her for litt over 13 år siden akkurat på den samme tomta, men på det gamle hotellet. Det nye hotellet har en komplett følelse av å leve på et norsk "Hamptons", med en fantastisk a-la-carte-restaurant, enorm og velsmakende lunsjbuffet og Norges beste frokostutvalg +  verdens beste betjening. De har rålekre rom og suiter, flere barer, bowlinghall, spa over to etasjer, kinosal, barnelekerom, bibliotek, vinsmakingsrom og kokketeater. Jeg skulle ønske jeg kunne ha bodd her en hel sommer! For når temperaturen i havet er OK, så er det jo bare å svømme fra den herlige sandstranda rett utenfor døra. Ønsker du å føle deg som et nytt menneske, ta med deg badedrakt og sett snuta til havperla Støtvig Hotel.  
P.S: Støtvig Hotel ble kåret til "2017 Travellers' Choice" av tripadvisor!

Foto: Hanne Erøy & Frederick Berthelsen
Fashion in Oslo 2017

There's no way to describe the immense feeling of luxury and wellness about coming to Støtvig Hotel in Larkollen after I had three medicine exams in two days. Straigh after I finished the last exam, my husband and I went to the magical hotel by the Oslo fjord in Østfold to celebrate our 14th anniversary, which was on the very same day. I also brought many new beauty products that I got in a goodie bag from the PR agency Mildh Press. It was perfect to spoil myself after hours at the two-storey luxury spa inside the hotel. Støtvig Hotel offers the perfect feeling of the Hamptons, with an amazing a-la-carte restaurant, enormous and well-tasting lunch buffet, Norway's best breakfast selection and the world's best staff. They also have gorgeous rooms and suits, several bars, a bowling hall, spa over two floors, a cinema, playing rooms for the children, a library, a wine tasting room and a chef theater. If the temperature in the sea is high enough, you can just step outside the door and take a bath in the salt water. Støtvig Hotel is like heaven on earth for me! I hope it becomes your best friend too ;-)

P.S: Støtvig Hotel was awarded the '2017 Travellers' Choice' by tripadvisor.

Photos: Hanne Erøy & Frederick Berthelsen
Fashion in Oslo 2017

The heart of the hotel is the foyer - with an amazing staircase leading downstairs to the spa, bars, bowling hall, cinema etc.

The amazing restaurant 801 Oslofjord.

My husband was so happy when we arrived and he could enjoy a cold beer.

Restaurant 801 Oslofjord at Støtvig Hotel is known for their amazing fish courses and elegant food styling. Here's a scumptious dish with Norwegian halibut.

At the restaurant, you literally sit next to the sea and can watch the sunset while you eat.

 You can sit outside on the 'sun deck' while you drink wine from one of the bars.

Alle the rooms are beautiful and have a maritime style.

I wish I hade tiles like these at my bathroom at home...

We woke up to the sound of seagulls and this view...

The sun deck

Coffee in the morning before the spa...

This is the actual shark used as a prop in the original Steven Spielberg's Jaws movie (Haisommer).

In the middle of the first floor of the spa is a lounge with these hanging chairs and sun beds. There's also four different saunas, many different showers, foot baths and a relaxing salt water pool.

When you just want to take a nap at the spa...

I love the interior decoration!

 You can swim from the pool inside and through a revolving door to the outside pool, where there's also a jacuzzi. In the photo, you can also see that there's a jacuzzi inside as well.

After the spa at the beach...

The hotel looks beautiful from all sides. 

 The landscaping architect did a great job!

 We knew the sun was coming soon, so I sprayed my hair with the new Wella SP Sun UV Spray. It's so important to protect your hair from the sun too.

 Wella SP Sun UV Spray
The bottle is not so big, so you'll have plenty of room for it in your beach bag.

 I'm already a major fan og the Rituals The Ritual of Karma anti-aging suncreens. The body sunscreen has a moist mousse texture, and is easy to apply. The sunscreen for the face is amazing - it's not greasy at all and feels like a wonderful facial cream.

Colorescience Sunforgettable SPF 50 Loose Mineral Sunscreen Brush
A mineral powder with SPF? Yes, please! It's so easy to wear each day - knowing your face won't hurt from the sun beams.

 These eye drops helped me during my exams. I was so dry due to countless hours of reading. Cleye eye drops and Cleareyes Professional dry eye relief drops are suitable when you have dry or irritated eyes (for example due to allergies).

The Wella Fusion series (here with shampoo, conditioner and a repair mask) with silk amino acids repairs damaged hair. The scent is amazing!

I've been a fan of the Sebastian Professional styling products for long, and this ultra-firm finishing hairspray and wearable styling treatment function well for my thin hair.

I used the NIOXIN dry cleanser after the spa and beach, and my hair looked fluffier, thicker, more voluminous.

I've fallen in love with the Swedish hair brand Björn Axén, and I love that my thin hair gets more volume with this volumizing shampoo and lightweight conditioner.

I'm so glad I brought the Elizabeth Arden Lasting Impression Mascara to put on after the spa and beach strolling! 

 I'm wearing a shirt from Topshop, skirt from H&M and sneakers from Superga.

 The library

The beautiful grand piano in the lobby!

The lobby lounge with view to the ocean.

In the hallways to the rooms, you'll find displays with different miniature boats like this!

The bathrooms at the hotel rooms have exclusive Molton Brown beauty products!

The best hotel I've been to - Støtvig Hotel! It's just a 55 minute drive from Oslo, and 15 minutes from Moss.