Interior Dinner 2016: Bubbles in the sun

Dress: byTiMo. Photo: Aina Nerdalen

Årets interiørmiddag 2016 i regi av Polhem PR ble en fargefest på alle måter! Kalaset fant sted tirsdag 14. juni i drømmeskogen ved det nye hovedkvarteret til The Flying Culinary Circus på Skøyen. Med boblende SodaStream-drink i sommersola og blomstrete silkekjole fra norske byTiMo var det herlig å se at jeg ikke er helt på bærtur når det kommer til fargetrender innen interiør. Det er lov å mikse mange forskjellige knallfarger og pasteller, og planteprint er fortsatt hett innen sengetøy, pynteputer og tapet. Jeg var offisiell fotograf for kvelden og ble spesielt imponert av print-tapetene til Photowall, de håndvevde teppene fra Tisca og stereo-produktene fra Mono. Nyt bildedrysset av kommende trender og den suverene maten fra superkokkene The Flying Culinary Circus (som også selger masse mattilbehør, kjøkkenredskaper m.m. på Meny og Kitch'n).

 © Fashion in Oslo 2016

I especially love the Ruark DAB radio from Mono, wallpaper from Photowall, the linen from Jotex and cactus from Plantasjen. The radio has very good sound!

The Interior Dinner 2016 hosted by Polhem PR was a colorful party in all ways! The party took place on Tuesday 14th of June in the forest by the new headquarters of The Flying Culinary Circus at Skøyen in Oslo. With a bubbly SodaStream in the sun and a floral silk dress from Norwegian byTiMo it was lovely to see that I was somewhat right on track when it comes to color trends within interior design. It's allowed to mix different fierce colors and pastels, and plant print is still hot within bedding, cushions and wallpaper. I was the official photographer for the evening and was especially impressed by the print wallpaper from Photowall, the hand made carpets from Tisca and stereo/sound products from Mono. Enjoy the photo shower with coming trends and the amazing food from the super chefs The Flying Culinary Circus (who also sell a lot of food, kitchen tools etc. at Meny and Kitch'n).

© Fashion in Oslo 2016

Wonderful table setting by Tilbords. The Tilbords tableware Zhi represent the pottery trend with back to nature - inspired by crumpled paper. Polished and pretty cutlery from The Flying Culinary Circus.

Wonderful pastels!
I'm in love with the new velvet sofa and marble table from Eilersen! The pink cushions from Jotex are perfect!
This is the 'new' popular shade of marble. It's really retro - you might find this kind of marble at flea markets and antique shops.

Three shades of sun...
Tara's Åshild Breian. I love her hat!
I adore the Pryma headphones from Mono.
Plantasjen & Tisca

Killer combo: Cactus from Plantasjen and carpet from Tisca.

Pryma headphones in gold and black from Mono! A must-have...

I've completely fallen in love with Norwegian byTiMo's wonderful silk clothes. This dress is perfect for summer parties! I wore it with my very old (but still fresh) pumps from Skopunkten. Photo: Aina Nerdalen
Photo: Aina Nerdalen
Ginger mint lemonade from SodaStream. Drink glass and straw from Nille.

Easy bubbles! SodaStream is a better lifestyle. F*** plastic bottles.

Lise Kristensen (in the middle): The driving force and Interior Manager at Polhem PR.
Wonderful decoration bird from Normann Copenhagen (
A seven course dinner by The Flying Culinary Circus! Some of the best I've tasted :-)
Solera (and Aina) served delicious wine and champagne the whole evening.
The chef made sorbet live using liquid nitrogen!
Photo frenzy!
The super chefs from The Flying Culinary Circus!

Crème brûlée - flambé :-)
The best sorbet I've ever tasted!
Rimowa has just launched the first digital check in solution for your luggage: The electronic tag. You can check in your luggage and yourself before you get to the airport - only using the tag and an app! Rimowa uses this service with Lufthansa so far.
The red Kusmi Tea drinks were amazing and wrapped up the wonderful dinner. They were based on their new taste AquaRosa and white Bacardi rum.
The address for The Flying Culinary Circus' new headquarters is Prinsessealléen 46 at Skøyen. You truly feel like a princess in the forest at this place!