Oh, that outfit from Oslo Runway

What did the fashion squad wear at Oslo Runway? Here's some few shots I made in a hurry in between the catwalk shows. I love that each person have their own, personal style which reflects their personality.

© Fashion in Oslo 2016

 Mardou&Dean designer Ingrid Bredholt (left) and PR Manager Charlotte Ekholt

 Kjell Nordström aka Baron von Bulldog soon launches a clothing collection for dogs!

 Signy Fardal - Chief Editor of ELLE
 Fashion blogger Silje Pedersen with Zalando skirt

 Stylist and makeup artist Storm Pedersen with Vivienne Westwood hat.

 I wore a dress from HALLHUBER (borrowed from Polhem PR), leather jacket from Mardou&Dean, boots from Helene Westbye and watch from Michael Kors.

 Actor Marian Saastad Ottesen (left) & Marte Krogh
Singer Maria Mena