ELLE summer party 2013: Sunny elegance

TV presenter Vibeke Klemetsen

ELLE magazine invited to their summer party at the rooftop at Grand Hotel in Oslo on Thursday 20th of June. The guests and celebrities were glowing in the sun by the press wall - dressed in elegant outfits styled to impress from tip to toe. The party is among the most popular during the fashion year in Norway, and many plan their outfits months ahead. Others want to make a statement, like TV presenter Line Nelvik and singer Maya Vik - both showing the belly as a gesture to the hostess Signy Fardal, chief editor of ELLE. In the debate she started by telling very few can pull off that trend, they prove they can - with great success. Fardal herself hugged soccer player John Carew and singer Maria Mena - showing her excellent mood and hospitality. 

- What will you name the three most important highlights for ELLE the last six months?

- That we were named "Magazine of the Year", got a price for best inspiration story and this party, Signy Fardal said with enthusiasm. 

The awards were given to ELLE during the Nordic media days in Bergen in May. Among the guests at ELLE´s summer party, I would like to give "best dressed" awards to TV presenters Vibeke Klemetsen and Noman Mubashir. Two different styles, but perfectly composed.

Text and photos: Hanne Erøy.

(Under ser du antrekksbilder av gjestene på ELLEs sommerfest på Grand Hotel torsdag 20. juni 2013:)

Singer Tone Damli Aaberge

TV presenter Line Nelvik and singer Maya Vik

Blogger Camilla Pihl

Chief editor of ELLE, Signy Fardal (left)

Soccer player John Carew

TV presenter Noman Mubashir

Singer Maria Mena

Fotballfrue blogger Caroline Berg Eriksen - pregnant and beaming!

Caroline with husband Lars Kristian Eriksen

Singer Bertine Zetlitz

Supermodel Siri Tollerød

TV presenter Katarina Flatland

Skincare founder Linda Johansen

BEKK founder, makeup artist and stylist Linda Wickmann

Actress Marian Saastad Ottesen from Lilyhammer

Champagne queen Edna Falao

Singer Alexandra Joner

Comedian Henrik Thodesen and Tinashe Bakasa Roll from Gambit H&K (pr agency)

Anbjørg Sætre Håtun with designer Ingunn Birkeland. Anbjørg´s wonderful IBO headpiece is designed by Birkeland.

Camilla Pihl with fiancée Peter Peters

Singer Elisabeth Carew

Maya Vik in whole outfit

Christopher Mørch Husby - husband of stylist Jan Thomas

Singer Eva Weel Skram and Thomas Stenersen

Designer Fam Irvoll and Maria Mena

Actress Janne Formoe

Singer Linnea Dale

DJ Mariann Thomassen (in the middle) and managing makeup artist for IsaDora, Stephan Ulvund Øien.

Singer Mira Craig

Violinist Marte Krogh

Styldevil blogger Marianne Theodorsen in a spicy new haircolor

Model Mona Grudt with pr manager Friedrich Birkmar

Idol presenter Stian Blipp

Blogger Nathalie Helgerud

Actress Pia Tjelta

Moods of Norway designer Peder Børresen & Camilla Abry

Moods of Norway designer Simen Staalnacke & Anne Berit Valla

Ronnie Ottem & Erik Vogsted Fjære

Signy & Maria

TV presenter and comedian Sigrid Bonde Tusvik

Stylist Storm Pedersen

TV presenter Synnøve Skarbø

Bloggers Ulrikke Lund (left) and Cathrine Heienberg (Cath in the City)

Singer Ingrid Olava

Jewelry designers Zuzanna G & Bartosz

Designer Kathrine Nørgård