East meets west: Esmod International Show 2013

Esmod Beijing

The international designer school Esmod is a melting pot for fashion talents. Students from eleven different countries displayed pieces from their collections at Esmod International Show 2013 at Oslo Congress Center on June 27th. The show was led by presenter and previous Miss Universe winner Mona Grudt and principal for Esmod Oslo, Geir Ivar Nordli:

The japanese outfits honors elements from their culture - mixing them in a modern way. Norway shows that they dare to experience with graphic patterns, modelism and exotic colourama a la painter Frida Kahlo. South Korean students went for strict, minimalistic and graphic compositions. Germany surprised with menswear and jackets with bronze plates placed in geometrical order at the front. Their voluminous flower print coats are a vivid contrast to the "heaven meets hell" male with a Christ crown of thorns and devilish print on the t-shirt. Indonesia is also all about the modern, minimalistic grunge style with materials like leather and PVC.

Tunisia embraces the female shape and highlights curves with rosettes and tulle, while the males get a funny twist with multi-colored patchwork suits. Brazil embraces their colorful traditions, combining them with layer by layer details, cut-outs and cartoon vs space elements. Lebanon displayed colorful and elegant pieces with volume and sharp edges. China let the women wear mystical dresses with strong roots to the Middle East - and surprisingly - a voluminous super-size knitted sweater dress. The males look like sailors with a more relaxed and funny expression. Dubai excites with elegant shapes with sharp details - and an amusing and playful jumpsuit. Esmod Paris honored modern shapes - with skirts for men and a sexy twist of the female school uniform. The two other French schools are daredevils when it comes to experiencing with unusual volume, material combinations and wrapped-in dresses.

At the end of the show, awards were given to students winning the knitting contest "The Norwegian Spirit" - a collaboration between Esmod International, Esmod Oslo and the yarn manufacturer Dale of Norway. The task was to use yarn and create outfits inspired by Norwegian knitting traditions. 1000 students from 24 Esmod schools worldwide contributed, and 50 came to the finals. The winners, getting a design collaboration with Dale of Norway, are Connie Riiser Berge from Esmod Oslo, Noriko Sugimoto from Esmod Osaka in addition to Song Se Hee, Choi Dan Bee & Ha Ye Jin from Esmod Seoul. See their amazing winner outfits in the three last photos at the bottom of this post. Clothes from this contest will be shown at an exhibition at Norsk Folkemuseum from 26th of June to 15th of August.

Text and photos: Hanne Erøy. 
Esmod Oslo principal Geir Ivar Nordli and presenter Mona Grudt.

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 The Norwegian Spirit - winners
Contest with Dale of Norway

Connie Riiser Berge - Esmod Oslo

Noriko Sugimoto - Esmod Osaka

Song Se Hee, Choi Dan Bee & Ha Ye Jin - Esmod Seoul