Cuvée Edna + Bølgen & Moi = Bubbling bliss

Cuvée Edna rosé champagne from Cattier
When you mix drops of golden champagne with a taste of citrus and dried fruit - together with canapés with manchego cheese, serrano ham and olives, you get the perfect mix of bliss. On Thursday 23rd of May, the lovely party expert and champagne connoisseur Edna Falao invited to a champagne and mingling party at the renowned restaurant Bølgen & Moi at Tjuvholmen in Oslo. The guests got glasses of her own champagne brand, Cattier Cuvée Edna - yellow and rosé. Here´s photos from the lovely rosé launch and evening in the sun by the sea:

You can read more about the wine in my launch article about Cuvée Edna champagne here:

Cheerful Cuvée Edna champagne launch

I reqote her from that article:

– I´ve been searching for 25 years for a champagne I don´t feel poorly after drinking. I´ve tested the big brands who are both successfull and known, but Cattier is amazing. I can drink a whole bottle without feeling sick in my stomach, the ambassador of bubbles says.

Text and photos: Hanne Erøy.

Beautiful Edna Falao! / Nydelige Edna Falao!

Designer Børre Olsen and artist Trudy Wiegand. /Designer Børre Olsen og kunstner Trudy Wiegand.

Stylish sisters! Navraj (left/venstre) & Manraj Kaur.

Edna Falao with CEO of Bølgen & Moi, Harald Berger. /Edna Falao med Harald Berger, administrerende direktør i Bølgen & Moi.

Singer Vana Perisa and her Sebastian Val

My outfit was a dress from H&M, necklace from Second Female, shoes from Din Sko, purse from Velouria Vintage and ring from Dyrberg Kern for Bik Bok. /Mitt antrekk bestod av en kjole fra H&M, smykke fra Second Female, sko fra Din Sko, veske fra Velouria Vintage og ring fra Dyrberg Kern for Bik Bok.

Svitlana Punharova & Jean-Pierre Forgeau

Svitlanas lovely bracelets! Notice the dolphin playing with a ball. /Svitlanas nydelige armbånd. Legg merke til delfinen som leker med ballen.

Gentlemen sat the standard for fashion. / Herremennene satt standarden motemessig.

My favourite champagne!

Cattier Cuvée Edna champagne - amazing taste with the perfect balance of sweetness.

Sunshine ladies! /Brillefine damer!

Mr. Birthday Boy - Toto Montana