A crow´s tale by Tommy Løland

Stylist and jewelry designer Tommy Løland intrigues with his exhibition "The Conspiracy Of The Birds". His wonders are displayed at Galleri Ramfjord at St. Hanshaugen in Oslo from 4th to 26th of May. It's like entering a fancy and decorated nest with bling-bling stolen by a craving crow - desperate for beautiful things.

- I imagined all the birds stealing like crows - all kinds of things. Then, I've picked up these things afterwards, like this key, from the most peculiar places, the designer said at the vernissage the 4th of May.

The scrap in this exhibition includes bamboo, an old snuff box, African hedgehog and wood, Chinese donkey and a fish from India bringing luck, a porcelain doll head, mysterious baby figure, antique pocket watch, vintage glass and copper buttons from Paris and Japan and pieces from an old Kristiania trompet from 1850. Feathers from different birds like crow, dove, Macaw and peacock are mixed with this junk and embellished with swarovski stones and pearls. Tommy Løland has even used a gas regulator! Trash has been transformed into magical necklaces, earrings, headpieces and rings. The Macaw feathers are from a shelter for hurt birds in the US, and he got a certificate to guarantee that the birds lost these feathers in a natural way.

- I wanted to create an exotic feeling, Løland explains.

The conspiracy of the birds is all over the planet - the crows crave for all that sparkles and shine. Once in a lifetime, a human snatches pieces like a crow. He composes beaty that shines like it´s never been old. Waste is reincarnated and born anew. A porcelain doll head is crowned with exotic feathers and an antique trompet creates new songs around your neck. A fencing mask with swarovski crystals can make you as mysterious as these birds who always hunts for dazzling pieces on the ground.

The exhibition is at Galleri Ramfjord in Oslo, with address Schwensensgate 1 at St. Hanshaugen.
All the jewels are for sale for between 550 to 9000 NOK - most of them between 950 and 2400 NOK.

Text and photos: Hanne Erøy.

The genius behind the feathers - Tommy Løland

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