Nilson Group opening: Two-storey shoe shop

Shopping for shoes will be easier, since a new shoe center in the main shopping road in Oslo has been introduced. On Wednesday 24th of April, Nilson Group and Polhem PR hosted a grand opening of a new two-storey shoe land in Karl Johans gate 6b - with shoes from the varied and joyful brands Ecco, Din Sko, Nilson Shoes, Skopunkten and Vagabond. Something for each taste and occation is displayed in the grand and spacious premises. Here´s a poem about the pros and cons about the search for shoes:

The pursuit of shoes - the right color and fit,
can either be a nightmare or strike at first hit.
Follow your instincts and areas of use,
what do your feet want, what will they refuse?
Do you choose by sight or sense,
will you be free to jump over a fence?
Take care of your paws - they´ll carry you your entire life,
running in hills or down the aisle to become husband and wife.
Shoes can be your best friends or worst enemies,
making you strong and confident or blistered with few remedies.
Choosing the right pair is a life-long experience,
you´ll fail and succeed - raising up and falling down.
If you are troubled and have too much on your mind,
take a walk in a tight pair - and that one pain is all your thoughts can bear!

Text and photos: Hanne Erøy.