Embracing love forever

This bracelet from the Italian brand Cruciani is a constant reminder of the joyful feeling of love. I´ve written this poem about it´s name "Love forever":

Love - colorful or dark,
making us jump for joy or rips us - leaving a razor mark.
Hearts come in all the colors of the rainbow,
as do their rhytm - high or low.
Come to peace with your own heart,
take a chance - get stung, protect it if you´re smart.
Loving another person forever,
means having an extra heart beat.
Love forever means dancing in the rain,
alone with a smile or together with your heating beat!

The bracelet is available via through the Norwegian PR agency Nexus Nordic in Oslo.

See more of the bracelets at Cruciani´s web page.

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Text and photos: Hanne Erøy.