Oslo Fashion Week opening: Wonders of vernissage

Leila Hafzi

Oslo Fashion Week made a twist at their official opening on February 4th 2013. The guests were invited to a stroll throught two buildings at Astrup Fearnly Museum at Tjuvholmen in Oslo, where approx. 30 designers had their unique installations.

- I think it´s totally amazing. It´s such a good idea to mix Norwegian contemporary art with fashion design here at Astrup Fearnley museum. I´ve been standing here a long time, and I´ve had time to learn about a new brand (With & Wessel) and to touch and see the products at close hand. It´s very, very exciting, and a very good initiative from Oslo Fashion Week, says Ellen Arnstad, publishing editor in Aller Media.

- It´s exciting with a new twist for the opening show. Each designer get to display their items in the way that seems best for their own brand. As exhibition as format, the audience get a chance to see each brand in a totally different way than a catwalk. They become more active as spectators, responds designer Ingunn Birkeland.

- I think it´s very refreshing and appropriate. There has been a lot of discussion about how Oslo Fashion Week should be arranged, so the most brave and refreshing thing to to - is to do something totally new. As a spectator, you don´t walk around and think about the mistakes, but just that it´s new and fun. It´s thrilling! It´s also a very good start at the fashion week, beause it teases us. The feeling you get, is that you´re looking forward to the week, says designer and TV presenter Jenny Skavlan.

Kaja Gjedebo

Kaja Gjedebo

Tonje Jakobsen

Tonje Jakobsen

Børre Olsen

Charlotte Thorstvedt (left) & Yrja Oftedahl Lothe from With & Wessel.

CEO Johan (second left) of wine company Crianza.

Helene Westbye AW 2013/2014

Helene Westbye AW 2013/2014

Helene Westbye AW 2013/2014

Helene Westbye AW 2013/2014

Helene Westbye AW 2013/2014

Ingunn Birkeland

Ingunn Birkeland

Designer Ingunn Birkeland
Designers and friends: Jenny Skavlan (left) and Fam Irvoll.
Kristine Vikse AW 2013/2014

Designers Linne Røsstad Sharpe & Jason Sharpe (L&J)


Linnea Dale

Simen Staalnacke & Anne Berit Valla

Haaning & Htoon

Moods of Norway


Season's newcomer: Black Rat

Silje Pedersen (left), Ellen Arnstad & Julie Berntsen

Tommy Løland

Nina Vinje

Mette Møller

With & Wessel

Zuzanna G

Designer Zuzanna G

Text and photos: Hanne Erøy.