Svitlana's sweet pink birthday

She´s a fashion diamond. Stylist Svitlana Punharova hosted a beautiful birthday party at Baroque in Oslo Thursday 16th of August. She had invited lovely guests, and they all rocked the dress code in white and pink.
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Magic music and design
Vana performed with her newest song, which will be a hit for sure. She actually said she will donate the income of her first CD to cancer charity, due to her mothers death from the disease. Marck Jamz made a funky hip hop performance. Violinist Olga Kivaeva played her strings like a fairytale, accompanied by a dancing beauty. Aksel Kolstad played the piano: He´s a musical genius for sure. He has real good humor as well. DJ Altégo made sure everyone danced into the late hours of night.

Designer Rudy Wolff was one of the main contributors for the party. She made the lovely black and pink outfits worn by the dancers, models and one of the presenters. The ones bringing the dancing moves of house and ballet were Mutaleni Frida Nangolo, Stein Edward James Allison-Moir and Nora Minothi. Sanam Bokhari were one of the models.

First-class prizes
The wonderful designer Kathrine Nørgård handed out one of her striking dresses to a lucky winner. Among the prizes were Gucci glasses, cosmetics from Déesse, TL Salongene and jewelry from The Butterflyshow and Inger Ruud. I was so lucky to win a handbag from Little Darling! Designer Nadya Khamitskaya looked beautiful in her dress from her own brand Venti Uno. The presenters were Fiffi Feka and Daniel Bratterud.

Svitlana and her fiancée Jean-Pierre Forgeau are a splendid couple. She and everyone else in that bar that night had a night they´ll never forget. Happy birthday, gorgeous!

Text and photos: Hanne Erøy.

Jean-Pierre and Svitlana

Aksel Kolstad

DJ Altégo and Jean-Pierre

James Lazar Braathen

Presenter Fiffi Feka (to the left) and designer Kathrine Nørgård (in the middle).

Kathrine with her Jim

Marck Jamz

Nadya Khamitskaya, Aksel and Svitlana


Evening´s best dressed

My outfit: Skirt and top from H&M Conscious, necklace from Indiska, clutch from Gina Tricot and shoes from Suite Blanco.

Rudy Wolff