Oslo Fashion Week opening: The celebrities

On Monday 13th of August, many of the Norwegian celebrities went to Samfunssalen in Oslo to witness over 10 designers showing their clothes at the catwalk.

I must say many could have gone further, showing more edge in front of the photo wall.

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Photos: Hanne Erøy. (The one photo with the Ellen Arnstad and Nadya Khamitskaya in silver and turquoise is taken by Dmitry K Valberg.) Top photo: Marte Krogh (to the right) and Bertine Zetlitz.

Cathrine Larsåsen

Caroline Berg-Eriksen (

Ingrid Lorentzen

Tone Damli Aaberge

Ingunn Birkeland

Caroline and husband Lars-Kristian

Linnea Dale

Lise Karlsnes

Mille-Marie Treschow and daughter Victoria

Noman Mubashir

Pia and Jasmin Haraldsen

Ellen Arnstad

Tina Haagensen and Kjell Nordström (Baron von Bulldog)