Crazy cruel Moods of Norway Halloween party

Snippet from my Oslo Fashion Week article, and all the photos from the night of death:

"Deep into the woods of fashion stores in the main shopping street of Oslo, the monsters of Norway were gathered in the brand new Moods of Norway store for a creepy Halloween celebration on Friday 26th of October.

I can see it in their eyes – their small pupils witnessed of the souls they´ve taken. A skeleton bride with shocking blue hair and her groom dancing, showing their immortal love. Two penguins are watching them closely – trying to figure out what part of the Antarctic they’re from.

A female shape from the early 1900s wanders among the creatures of death – with dust in her hair and a disturbing shotgun wound in her forehead. She looks calm, yet eery on the outside, but inside her exploded brain – the memory of her jealous husband aiming at her during her bed-date with the village blacksmith, is on constant repeat. The crazy entertainer drilled inside his nose – in addition to other really nasty body stunts. What kind of creature is he, really?"

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Text: Hanne Erøy. Photos: Jeanette Jensen, Roger Fosaas and Hanne Erøy.