Celebrating Norwegian love and culture

The Butterflyshow has launched a jewelry collection with a pendant, cufflinks and two different rings. The designer, Vanessa Gunnestad, is inspired by her personal belief, but also a wish for more solidarity, greater commitment for each other in Norway and greater distance to the criticizing «Law of Jante». Her collection is also a tribute to the love that was reborn after the terror attacks in Oslo last year.

The essence of Norway
- The thought behind this concept was to summarize a jewelry collection that represents Norwegian elements and the «ancient roots» of Norway at one place. It´s also about focusing on Norwegian design and what´s Norwegian. I think we´re very good at focusing and using money on foreign brands and neglect Norwegian quality and small businesses, Vanessa says.

Fight terror with love
The silver jewels have symbols like the Norwegian flag, the Christian cross, the moose and the rose. The rose became a symbol after the terror attacks.

- I´m concerned with the majority of the elements I´ve used. Our flag must definitely be the most beautiful flag in the world, and to me it represents freedom and love. After the terror attacks of 22nd of July las year, the flag was important and witnessed of a nation that refused to be threathened. The flag was raised again and it brought a wind with love and freedom back to our country. We can be proud that we arose again and replied to the hatred with love, concludes the thoughtful and inspiring designer.

Photos: Rodrigo Reyes. Models: Thomas Johansen, Karoline Sletten, Donna-Linn Krogsund, Svitlana Punharova and Hanne Erøy (me, second photo from the top). Makeup artists: Atifa Castillo, Ida Erlandsen and Svitlana Punharova. Hair stylists: Janne Opstad Eriksen, Cathly Que and Veronica Lauritsen.