22nd of July: One year after

Today, and every day, remember the laughter in the sunshine, the laughter in the rain.
The birds singing from their hearts between the treetops and puffy clouds.
Remember everything and everyone that makes you happy.
Don’t be careless: Care.
Don’t think about pain: Pray.
Don’t think it´s hopeless: Be hopeful.
Don’t think about what makes you sad: Think about what makes you happy.
Remember to love the ones you love as high as you can. 
Because the happy moments, positive thoughts and free love is the strongest cure against hate and evil.
Remember to say “I love you” before you go out the door. Give a kiss, a hug and a smile.
Remember to love every day.
22nd of July is a memorial day for the 77 people whom were suddenly robbed from Norway. It’s hard to imagine what they thought and how terrified they must have been. In the aftermath, we fought back with love.
I thought about that when I went jogging in the woods this morning. In that exact moment, a deer mom and her baby were looking up from the field. We met eye to eye, and we stared at each other. I saw love in her eyes. I replied with the same amount of joy. Then they jumped away. And I went on running with a smile.
Enjoy those moments. Then, when you leave this world, you know you have loved as much as you can.

Text and photo: Hanne Erøy.